West of Tours

West of Tours

Chateau Saumur, Chateau Usse, Chateau Montsereau, Chateau Langeais, Chateau Vilandry,  Chateay de Bresse and Chateau d’Azay Le Rideau…West of Tours is littered with fabulous and historical buidings.   Chateau Montsereau is one of my favourites – dating from 1455, it sits on the Loire, it’s neither the most beautiful nor the most historic but it’s pretty and intriguing enough and you can sense that people have lived, loved and died here.  Chateau de Langeais, dating from the 10th-century, is one of the oldest chateaux and is a squat and imposing building overlooking the small town and the river.  Inside, the décor is strictly 15th-century.  Chateau d’Usse inspired Charles Perrault to pen The Sleeping Beauty and is one of the most elegant chateau in France.   Chateau de Vilandry is not only renowned for its collection of paintings but it also hosts regular modern art exhibitions and the formal gardens are inspiring.   Chateau d’Azay le Rideau is so pretty that Francois 1 confiscated it!

Golf wise, Tours offers three good courses – Touraine to the south, Sept Tours to the north and Ardree to the north-east.   All well-maintained and welcoming our clients, Touraine probably has the edge in appearance but Ardree is maturing into a lovely test and Sept Tours is a clever and tight course carved through a forest.

Wines here are light with reds being more appreciated than the whites.  Le Domaine des Vallettes is a family-owned estate in Bourgueil in the Anjou-Saumur region! As in Chinon, the Cabernet Franc grape is the star variety, producing fresh and lively rosé wines and delicious fruity reds.   Château de Minière was built in the 17th-century and the vineyard is certified organic for all of its wines, which consist of rosé and red wines made from Cabernet Franc. Pierre & Bertrand Couly  winery’s cellar is integrated into the hillside and covered with a roof of vines. Cabernet Franc thrives here and the limestone soil of the vineyards makes it perfect for producing ripe and fruity reds with silky tannins. Domaine de la Noblaie in Chinon makes sparkling Touraine and white and cherry-packed red Chinon.   The tasting room at Domaine de la Paleine, Saumur is much-written about but the wines are even better with the from Saumur Rouge and Casta Diva white top of the list.   And for a great Cabernet Franc red and lovely Montlouis, head Domaine de la Butte, Bourgueil.



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