Chateau d’Angers is world-famous for its tapestries but the imposing walls and drum towers are just as impressive.  Home to Blanche de Castille (mother of Louis IX) and, later, King Rene, it’s a mix of fortress and beautiful home.  Golf-wise, Angers offers Anjou and Avrille on the outskirts of town and both courses are parkland, inexpensive to play and nice holiday courses.

Angers has two great wineries.  Château des Vaults is renowned for its high-quality Chenin Blanc. Château de Vaults is an organic winery that forms part of a world heritage site. With its concerts, literature evenings, modern sculpture exhibitions and many other events, this winery is a popular destination for wine and art lovers.  Château Soucherie prides itself on producing wines which respect nature and the environment. A speciality is Anjou Blanc. The resulting wine is a refreshing blend of exotic fruits and white flowers. Many activities are offered at the Château; including tours and wine tastings.



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